In the spring the 7th-14th, 14th-21st and in the autumn of 9th-16th September, 17th -21st of September 2018

Shindo® can be translated as the “pathway to your heart”. The method is about discovering and releasing tensions with simple but effective bodywork.

Shindo contains relaxation exercise, active stretching, pressing techniques with the help of natural gravity, and breathing. It will bring you into your body and help you to be grounded and gentle with yourself. Being present in your body, or “bodyfullness”, leads to greater balance and well-being. The more relaxed you are, the more you are able to connect with your inner wisdom. And the more you release unnecessary stress, the more your body is able to serve you in the best way it naturally can. Your brains will also love it!

The roots of Shindo lie in Eastern medicine, where the mind and emotions connect with the body. The idea behind the method is to gently work through your body’s meridian system and release blocks caused by stress. Your heart will love it. Meridian lines cover areas of body that easily get stiff, so it is a good method for all people suffering from tension. It is especially recommended for people working in emotionally demanding jobs like social care, teaching and nursing, those in creative industries, and people who work in offices surrounded by digital technology.

In Shindo treatment, blocks are released by addressing tension through stretching, pressing, or both in combination. The next thing is to relax and breathe. Sometimes working in pairs provides another level of stretching, and some nice neutral but warm-hearted support such as rubbing one’s back while streching can be very useful and enjoyable. There are individual treatments and also self-practice elements in Shindo. On the retreat we concentrate on self-help techniques but we also look at a number of great treatment techniques. We basically go through the introductory course with special additions.

The recommended exercises alongside the treatments are easy and very practical. For example, it is fun as well as useful to discover your central line and its strength in different situations. Stretching is done in such a way so that everybody can find a suitable, body-specific posture that makes sense to them. Shindo in its entirety is called a relaxation exercise because everything you do in Shindo allows you to find more ways to relax. The concept of relaxation in Shindo is active. You can take the ideas and skills wherever you go in your life.

You can find photos in Facebook album “Shindo”.

This is one of the first Shindo workshops outside of Japan and Scandinavia. You are warmly welcome!

Price(estimated): 1025€/person in a 4person room, 1225€/person in a 2person room.
Reservation fee €325 (included in 1025€/1225€). Rest is to be paid at the Retreat Centre in Ibiza.
Please find the link for reservation fee above.

spring 2018:
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autumn 2018:
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